Event archive November 2018

19. November 2018 (Monday)
Photo: Katharina Heinrich, VER _VER _VER, 2018


Time: 18:00–20:00

„VER _ VER _ VER“ - Installation by Katharina Heinrich

Part of Vienna Art Week 2018

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9. November 2018 (Friday)

FREUD AND THE ÉMIGRÉ. Austrian Émigrés and Exiles and the Legacy of Psychoanalysis in Britain from the 1930s through the 1970s

Time: 10:00–18:45

Symposium in German and English with Elana Shapira, Louis Rose, Michal Shapira, Werner Michler, Lisa Silverman, Laura Marcus, Régine Bonnefoit, Mitchell Ash and Friedrich Stadler

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8. November 2018 (Thursday)
7. November 2018 (Wednesday)
Cover detail Freud. Sein Leben und Denken. Klett-Cotta 2018

Freud: An Intellectual Biography

Time: 19:00–20:30

Book presentation in English by Joel Whitebook on the occasion of the publication of the German translation of his new biography: Freud. Sein Leben und Denken

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