Peter Kogler: Showroom Berggasse 19, 2015

Starting April 30, 2015

Austrian multimedia artist Peter Kogler is creating the showroom at Berggasse 19 for the Sigmund Freud Museum. With the aid of his artistic manipulation Peter Kogler gives us a glimpse of a spatial structure that, illuminated by a 300-watt bulb, blurs, even shakes, the boundaries between the outside and inside.

Freud’s topographical understanding of the psychic apparatus suggests that we attend to those processes that take place at the boundaries of the systems, at the boundaries of the unconscious and preconscious (or conscious). Kogler’s web of lines not only inverts an external into an internal and vice versa. His biomorphic vocabulary of form is also immanent in the complex structure of our inner worlds of imagination and therefore lends itself to providing a visual counterpart to the “dynamic view of mental processes” (Sigmund Freud, The Unconscious, 1915).

Project Partner of the Sigmund Freud Museum:
Ergo Versicherung AG

Photo: Peter Kogler