Sigmund Freud Museum 2020

The renovation and enlargement project SIGMUND FREUD MUSEUM 2020 secures the unique cultural heritage at Berggasse 19 for future generations and offers extended exhibition spaces, barrier-free access and up-to-date facilities for the house where Sigmund Freud lived and worked for nearly five decades.

In order to preserve the unique site of the Sigmund Freud Museum and to continue to be able to discuss Freud’s thought and work at its place of origin an urgent need of action is required: the house needs to be renovated, the museum and the library are not barrier free, service facilities for visitors are insufficient and the exhibition is not up to date.

For companies and private persons, we offer several ways to support the project Sigmund Freud Museum 2020. Learn more...

If you are based in the United States, we can offer you to support us via the charitable New York-based foundation Freud Foundation US


Crowdfunding Sigmund Freud Museum 2020

In the course of the crowdfunding campaign in November and December 2017, many persons and institutions took part in the project Sigmund Freud Museum 2020 by donating at least 20 Euros. We reward them by listing their names:

Many thanks to:

Bernhard Andergassen
Rebecca Chantal Aplitscher
Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien
Praxis Sigrid Bauer
Louise Bixby
Deruyver law
Julia Dittlbacher
Sascha Divischek
Franziska Ernst
Familie Halbauer
Christian Henner-Fehr
Thomas Irmer
Gerd Jäschke
Ulrike Kepplinger
Irene Knava
Miriam König
Eleonora La Vella
Maria Mantl
Wolfgang Mantl
Frances G. Martin, in loving memory of Dr. Kenneth G Martin
Ubiratan Ramos Mascarenhas
Patrick Messner
Regine Moucka
Brigitte Nömaier
Walter Nömaier
Birgit Pasching
Andrea Raffalt
Ulrike Ritzinger
James Slevin
William Spidaliere
Corina Sturm
Reinhard Widerin
Dale & Patty Yeager