Sigmund und Anna Freud in den Dolomiten 1913
Sigmund und Anna Freud in den Dolomiten 1913

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The Library of Psychoanalysis is supplemented by an archive of visual images and texts.

Image Archive

The archive of visual images comprises approximately 2,000 documents, mostly photographs, but also drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures. The collection includes almost all of the existing photos of Sigmund Freud and his family, a large number of photos of Anna Freud and photos from psychoanalytic congresses and associations. Portraits of Freud's teachers and colleagues from the fields of medicine and psychiatry and from the emerging psychoanalytic movement round out the collection.

The museum also possesses a large number of portrait busts and reliefs of Sigmund Freud as well as drawings and etchings by Ferdinand Schmutzer. The drawings and pastels by the Wolf Man, Freud’s analysand Sergei Pankeieff, are unique works for both artistic and historic reasons.

Text archive

The text archive comprises around 20,000 items. In addition to Freud autographs, the collection focuses on the history of psychoanalysis in Austria during the interwar period. Biographical documents, as for instance the file detailing the Freud family's emigration, are just as likely to be found as materials on the history of the International Psychoanalytic Press (Internationale Psychoanalytische Verlag) or the Psychoanalytic Parents' Counseling Center (Psychoanalytische Erziehungsberatungsstelle).

Materials from the intellectual estates of Richard Sterba and Paul Federn represent important recent additions to the archive, with the most extensive addition being the papers and collections of the psychoanalyst and pedagogue Eva Rosenfeld (1892-1977), which were acquired in 2001.

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